Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Snowy Surfs in Rhode Island and Emerald Hikes in San Diego

        Since we weren't able to be around for thanksgiving or christmas this year, we took a trip to visit with our families in march.  The first two weeks we stayed in San Diego where the weather was just delicious compared to the 95 degree blister we'd been enduring in the past few months.  We had a film playing at the Board Shorts Film Festival, which was an amazing eventnight full of laughter and tears of joy - all the filmmakers did an amazing job of reminding us why we love surfing and inspiring us to do more with our lives and be truly grateful for every moment we can spend in the water riding waves.
                  We spent most of our time in SD hanging with family and working on projects - writing pieces for her book The Roaring Surf Ate My Bikini and other mishaps of a wanderlust surfer girl (danielle) and  creating/ painting a new collection of art (gary).  We drove up to Huntington to film a local shredder grom by the name of brian salazaar a couple times, but otherwise didn't surf much, instead trying to get in quality time with the fam and move forward on a few projects.  We did get in this amazing hike on St patty's day and got to play with a baby rattlesnake! 
                  Before we knew it we were on our way to Rhode Island,  where we were greeted by a snowstorm and a few frigid lines of corduroy.   If the Rhode Islanders had caught wind that we wished that snow storm upon them while in town, they'd have been after us with pitchforks - it had been a  brutal winter with no less than five major snow storms and the locals were plain sick of the sight of white.  We, on the other hand, wanted to pretend it was the holidays, sip hot cocoa, sing carols, and get in a snowy surf.  Riding little waves in the snow is such a unique peaceful feeling (as opposed to riding big waves in the snow which has a distinct frigid and menacing ambiance, especially when you get obliterated by a set wave and your cozy 5/4, booties, gloves and hood get flushed with 28 degree water)…
                      I would say that time flies when your having fun, but it has been our experience that time just plain flies,  despite the fact that we were still logging about 7 hours of work a day while visiting our families,  it went by in the blink of an eye and we were onto the next adventure, following the Central America leg of the ALAS Latin Pro tour- Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico.  Up Up and Away!