Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Action, Choices, and Attitude

 Three simple ideas to live by: 
1. Action:
good things come to those who go out and f**ing earn it
I love this quote because while I am a strong believer in the power of positive thought, I also believe that action, what you put into the world, is crucial.  You want to change? You want the world to change? Do something about it.  You are human.  Humans can do anything we set our minds to: we can fly into space, dive deep into the sea, harness electricity, create anything we dream...  we can do the most incredible things.  Why sit around complaining?  You are capable of AMAZINGNESS.

be patient waiting for the garden to grow, but remember you must plant the seeds, water the soil, and tend to the weeds so that it can. 2. Choices:  You will make good ones, you will make bad ones.  Learn from them.  Every choice we make affects the world around us and the world in turn affects us. There are thousands of simple ways to save the world every day. Just  make the compassionate, intelligent, brave choice. 

3. Attitude:  Imagine that you are working toward your goal, but stressed out and fearful.  Then you reach your goal.  You could have been living every moment up until that point in joy.  Even if you never reach your goal, why not live in gratitude for the moment before you?  The present moment is all we are ever given.   May as well make good use of it.