Friday, January 27, 2012

I heart Dry Season Costa Rica part 2

                     Barely conscious, I shuffled into the kitchen and poured a cup of strong coffee.  Still shuffling, with slightly increased speed, I managed to make the two minute walk to the sand to check the surf.  A driftwood bench conveniently washed up to a cluster of palm trees, where I awkwardly found a seat.
               The sun stroke its rays across the sky to the left as I gazed over the lake pacific before me.  Three days now without waves, the longest flat spell ever to hit Hermosa I think. I've learned from trips home that taking time out of the water can actually do wonders for performance.   
                            Instead of our normal all day routine we've been working on various projects for other people, building our book and gary has been painting.  The book is coming along nicely and hopefully next week I can post a chapter!  We've got the Oakley team in town that we've been filming (land and water)  -  check back next week for a fun super small wave episode!