Friday, February 10, 2012

the Banana Thieves

                 Cantering with the speed of a getaway car,  half a dozen horses b-lined for the cluster of palms I sat under. With no regard to my presence, they began scavenging around the trees for left over coconut pieces.   Five minutes into their mission, one of them picked up the scent of something delicious and gave me a hard nudge on the shoulder, as if I were keeping it from her.  Truth is, I kind of was. 
       Last time this group busted out of their field they stole my lunch bag and ate my bananas!   Nudge, Nudge.  I keep botching peoples video clips thanks to her head butts. Finally I gave up and handed her the fruit, which she slurped down with the satisfaction of a kid eating an popsicle on a hot day.
       What amazes me is the bravery of the animals in Costa.  Back home, so many of the wild things are skittish and we rarely see them.  But here, you tend to feel invaded.   We used to live in a place that was set back on the side of a mountain.  The Jungle collectively tried to kick us out.  Spiders the size of starfish found it funny to scare the wits out of us as they shimmied up the walls, scorpions enjoyed scurrying out of every which way, pit vipers creepily slithered across the driveway, monkeys would come down their tree highway making such a racket we'd need to put on headphones, and even the friendly Coati (aka Brazilian Ardvark) would steal the bananas we set out to ripen while we were sitting five feet away. I swear at one point I even saw tendrils of vines creeping in the windows and doors.  And that's just the start of our Jungle Incident.  At first it was endearing and exciting.  But sometimes I miss the shy, quiet creatures of my hometown.
         Thankfully our new place is creature free, and we scored some fun surf last week.  We had the chance to water film a little which is always fun when the water is beautiful blue- a tough combination at a silty black sand beach break!