Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vegan Pizzalicious

excited for the break from eating rice and beans, we opted to make pizza while visiting family! 

yummy vegan pizza 1. boil carrots + zucchini 3 to  5 mins
2. Stirfry onion, garlic, peppers with 2 tsbp oil on med high
3. Stretch pizza dough out on 2  nonstick cookie sheets
4. Set oven to 450 – put dough in – set timer to 10min
5. Strain carrots + zuccini, add to frying pan.
6. Cutup tofurky sausages, add to frying pan.
7.Pour  ¼ cup of pasta sauce,  1 tsp  
 mrs. Dash, and 3 tbsp nutritional yeast.
  Add sliced olives if desired
8. Pull out dough from oven, spread sauce, put back in and cook 10-15 min until  bottom is light tan
 9. Spoon stirfry over pizza crusts, cook 10-15 min or until bottom is golden brown.   Let cool 5 min + Enjoy!